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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Is Noah Fant Going To Commit To Nebraska?

What could be the biggest QB target of Nebraska's '17 board? Also... what's up with the Huskers RB commit?

Noah Fant
Noah Fant
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- The decision time is coming for Omaha South TE/DE Noah Fant. He's planning on announcing on the Sharp & Benning show on 1620 The Zone Omaha on August 28th. His Crystal Ball still has a Nebraska flavor, of which I am still in the farm that says he comes to Lincoln.

Now, since the fact that Nebraska hasn't seemed to be warm to Fant lately combined with the fact that Fant went to the West Coast for visits to both UCLA and Cal, one has to wonder if he's really going to be a Husker.

Will it sting if Fant becomes a Hawkeye? Possibly, but that would be because of what Fant wants to be. Nebraska sees him as Defensive End, while it seems that Fant wants to be a Tight End. Nebraska has a few interesting offers out to TE's, while there is a high target visit coming on the DE side. Could that be a sign that the Huskers are moving on?

Fant isn't a class changer for Nebraska as he would for Iowa. However, if Notre Dame comes calling, both schools could be left out in the cold.

- The Tight End offer that I spoke of above came with the offer to Illinois TE Albert Okwuegbunam on Tuesday.

At 6' 5", Albert would be an ideal target for the Huskers if they want another TE and Fant isn't put there.

- Even though he's supposed to announce his commitment later today (probably to UGA), Georgia LB Jaleel Laguins is marked down as a visitor to the Nebraska/Southern Miss Game. Trent Bray has kept in contract with Jaleel, and the possibility of a flip isn't huge, but it's there.

- Want to know who is on the top of Nebraska's Quarterback target for the 2017 cycle? Take a look out West to Tristan Gebbia.

Yes, if it looks familiar in some of the players you've seen before, Gebbia goes to Calabasas HS. The same one as Keyshawn Johnson Jr. and Darnay Holmes.

That may seem very co-dependent on one High School to make you happy in recruiting (Bishop Gorman and Edna Karr rings a bell). That being said, getting KJ JR and Holmes would be helped with Gebbia. And, if Nebraska loses Terry Wilson and goes with only Patrick O'Brien at QB for '16, it makes sense to try to get Gebbia ASAP for '17.

- One of the bigger questions that I'm starting to wonder about is that if Nebraska themselves consider Texas RB Aphonso Thomas a commit anymore. Remember when the Portland Tribune article came out? The staff, according to the author, spoke of a number that is 1 short of the then current commit list.

Adding to that the factor that Thomas hasn't been talked to by any major recruiting service and I'm kind of wondering about this. The last time I saw him talked about was by myself when I interviewed him back in June after seeing him at Harbaugh's camp.

There was no fanfare by the staff that they normally do for Thomas' commit, and not a peep about him lately when most folks would be raring to go.

I could be completely wrong on this, but it just feels odd to me of the exclusion of your only RB verbal. Maybe the Jordan Stevenson thing made it moot, I dunno. I would just like to hear more on this by someone.