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Youth & Health Still A Big Focus For Nebraska At Practice Tuesday

We have hot practice takes on your Tuesday!

Riley & Milt
Riley & Milt
David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers went at it for just a little over 2 hours inside the Hawks Championship Center on Tuesday morning.

What are folks saying about practice, and what can we take from it? Let's find out.

There is definitely a youth movement in Lincoln, and these three are leading the way.

In the first week of practice, we read how Tommy Armstrong Jr. and the Offense struggled, while in Saturday's scrimmage it was the Defense that had the lower hand. Could it be a good thing on both sides for good and bad? Of course!

Sounds like the Defense wasn't happy about Saturday and took it out on the O.

It's been said that Nebraska should have the best Wideout group in the Big Ten the past couple of years, but it hasn't come to fruition due to QB play and such. But the RB receiving? That would be a big time bonus that didn't seem utilized for a while.

It's hard to think that Adam Taylor will be at Nebraska if he can't crack the top 3 of this group anytime this season. Also, Stevenson being hurt (foot) will mean a redshirt if he can't get back in the lineup soon. That would not be a bad thing, though.

Considering that Wisconsin has done things that we've talked about to Nebraska on the run and the run could be the only way Minnesota moves the ball this year, this would be ideal.

I'm starting to think that Brandon Reilly is just gonna be one of those injury plagued players at Nebraska. Jamal Turner feels his pain on this one.

It's hard to not think that, with his extra time here in the Spring & the situation there, that Young will eventually be starting this season and for a while longer if he can stay healthy.