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Big Red Cobcast: B1G Champs - Buy or Sell?

In this episode Ryan proves that he believes in the Huskers! Do Joe and Bob? Listen and find out.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, Ryan here. I just wanted to tell you guys to all calm down. I've seen the future and it looks pretty great.  Husker football is about to hit it's 3rd golden age. It will be so glorious that people will forget about Alabama and the over rated SEC. Urban Meyer will be a short lived memory as that one guy that coached "that Tim Tibow kid?".

Mike Riley will be our Husker Moses, Langsdorf will be his burning bush and the B1G will be his Red Sea. The SEC and Ohio State will be false idols and we will strike them down like the wretched non-believers they are. Banker will smite them with blitzes, Pierson El will crucify them with 83 yard returns and the Husker faithful will return from the dead to reclaim their throne next to Bob Devaney in the kingdom of football heaven.

I only have so many religious reference points but I think you get what I'm prophethizing.

Yes, propethizing.

This week we play "Buy or Sell". The way the game works is: Bob and Joe say all the wrong scores, I "sell" said scores and then I give the correct answers! It's simple and fun!

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