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Twitter Recap: Fishing, Licorice and #LosHuskers

Aussies spell licorice funny.
Aussies spell licorice funny.
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

BOOM. Roasted.

The Husker WBB team wrapped up their Australian trip in Sydney.

Jet lag sucks.

Wow the new big screen looks amazing!

So close to football season…

Gone fishing…

I am more of a red licorice kind of guy.

Kids these days…

Looks great!

Well done Nebraska Soccer.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated over the weekend!

This is a good sign.

Living the dream.

Great spot to kick back.

Faux Pelini's thoughts on Little League.

From chocolate milk in a bag to this…

Life of a Husker athlete.

Katie Wilkins updates her resume.

#LosHuskers are in Spain! They hit the ground running in Madrid.

Does this restaurant import Nebraska beef and corn?

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Monday morning better. If you missed it, here is last week’s Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!