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Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Fischsticks04

Our first CN community member profile highlights a former marching band member and legacy Husker fan. Has anyone in the CN community been to more opponent stadiums than Fisch?

Camp Randall Stadium
Camp Randall Stadium

Ranchbabe's note: Apologies for the size of the pictures. I tried a couple different things in the html code and even uploaded smaller pictures but it did not solve the issue. I'll continue to chip away at this for future articles....

Our own Fischsticks04 is an avid traveler and photographer. Check out his Flickr photostream (I was instantly jealous of all the cool destinations and excellent imagery). He plans to add more to this as he visits more B1G stadiums this upcoming season.

How did you become a Husker fan?

I grew up an Nebraska fan. Both my parents went to the University. My dad was on the Nebraska Cornhusker football team in the late 70s. All of my siblings at least started out at Nebraska. My Uncle works for the University. My brother works for the University. A lot of Husker connections for me.

If you traveled forward in time and learned that the Huskers never win a Big Ten title or a national title ever again - would you still cheer for them?

The Huskers run in my blood.  Both my parents graduated from Nebraska.  multiple uncles, aunts, and cousins.  My Uncle works for the University.  All my siblings at least started there and three of us have our degree from the university.  My dad played for Tom Osborne in the late 70s and was friends with Craig Bohl.  I was born in Lincoln and spent the first 22 years of my life within 45 miles of Lincoln. To stop cheering the huskers would like giving up on one of my best friends.

What is your favorite Husker-related memory?

This is a very hard question. The Maurice Purify touchdown in the endzone of the Texas A&M game.

The whole student section getting kicked out at Colorado, watching Jamal Charles go off for almost 200 yards in the 4th quarter (not a favorite but definitely indelibly seared in my brain), watching Nebraska pull off the upset of Texas in the snow only to have victory snatched away by the fumble from Terrence Nunn.

Alex Henery's 57 yarder against Colorado in 2008...So many memories. Some good/some bad. Now to actually answer your question.

My favorite memory is my earliest memory. Nebraska versus Pacific in 1994. It was a blowout win but it was my first game in Memorial Stadium. My dad, my best friend, and my best friend's dad went to the game. I remember be awed by the massive throngs of people and how they cheered in unison for their Huskers. I remember my dad pointing out players and telling me to watch one player all the way through the play and learn what their assignments were. It was what helped cement a growing love for Nebraska football.

What is your most prized piece of Husker gear or memorabilia?

I have a Nebraska helmet autographed by Turner Gill. Probably my most prized possession. My family still has one of my dad's Nebraska jerseys so that would be up there as well.

Do you have any "superstitions" or routines that you have to do on game day?

I am boring in this regard. No superstitions, no routine. I don't feel the need to wear red or put on a lucky hat or anything.

Among your family and friends, who is the most die-hard Husker fan? What makes you say that?

Does Doc from Cornnation count?? I would definitely be the most Husker fan in the family. I travel to at least one or two away games a year. My family supports the Huskers but are not fanatical by any stretch of the imagination. I am sure I have friends that are crazy big fans of the Huskers but since I have not lived in Nebraska since 2008, it is hard to tell you who is the most die hard.

What is something non-Husker related about you that people here at CornNation would be surprised or interested to know?

Most things that are interesting about me are somewhat Husker related. I have been to all the Big 12 stadiums except for Baylor (and TCU). I plan on going to all the Big 10 stadiums (Minnesota, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Maryland are all down with hopefully Illinois, Purdue, and Rutgers joining this year).

Below is Beaver Stadium - Happy Valley, PA (Ranchbabe's note: Excellent seats, Fisch...I need your connections!)

I was in the Cornhusker Marching Band the year that Tommy Lee did his reality show at Nebraska.  He marched behind me during the show and we spoke a few times.

Below is Fisch's capture of tOSU marching band performing one of their famous halftime routines at The Shoe.

...Non Husker related. Since graduating college, I have moved every two years to a new state. Kansas, Virginia, Louisiana, and Wisconsin are now all states I have called home...errr...been registered to vote in.

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season? What are you most worried about?

I am looking forward to seeing how our quarterback situation unfolds.  I am looking forward to seeing what RIley and Langsdorf have in store for us.

I most worried that Nebraska will need time to get the knowledge of Riley's system and we see them take a step back.

Your predictions for the upcoming season:

Will Armstrong's completion % improve and about where do you think it will end up (%)? - I think it improves.  59% for 2015

# of interceptions for Nate Gerry - and how many does he return for a touchdown? - 5, 0.

What animal will Jack Gangwish kill this year? - My hope is some badgers (we can go figuratively here) and golden gophers.

Who is the leading tackler for the Huskers (and how many tackles, TFL's)? - Rose-Ivey, 115 tackles, 15 TFL

Last one - Fisch's view at The Big House, MIchigan


Thank you for answering all these questions so thoughtfully Fischsticks04! We have many more community members on deck and I'm going to try and post around 3 each week (in the order I received them). If you would like to be part of the GTKtCNC series, send me an email at I promise not to reveal your true identity - even if Cobby tortures me with his rendition of "Who Let the Dogs Out" and even if Jon threatens to take away my paycheck.