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Nebraska Offense Shines In Saturday Night's Scrimmage At Memorial Stadium

The O did some good things Saturday, but the Huskers are far from game ready.

the LB man
the LB man
David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers held their first scrimmage of their 2015 Fall Camp on Saturday night, which also coincided with the final evening practice of the camp.

Nebraska, who was looking for things to wind down after a hairy past couple of days, went under the lights in the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium for their final workout before a day off on Sunday.

Taking a quick look through twitter, let's take a peek on what we found out Saturday.

- The Wideouts are getting healthier.

- Tommy Armstrong Jr. was..... GOOD!! GOOD? GOOD!!

.. but there may be a reason to that...

.. but it's not as bad as it may seem.

- Freshman WR Stanley Morgan may be the breakout player of the early season for Nebraska.

- While the Quarterbacks did well, there were some learning moments.

- The Offensive Line did well, but could be better.That'

That's a very interesting statement about Zach Sterup there. Is Nick Gates really going to be the young player who steps up on the OL?


/heart emoji.

It just can't be legal to throw to the 6th Offensive Lineman. I hope this either is allowed or gets cleared up!

Bruce Read is making his money. I'm kidding, lord hope I makes his money.

Sounds like Mikale Wilbon is getting better. No news about Jordan Stevenson or Adam Taylor yet is... interesting. Not a bad thing for Stevenson considering he's just in the program for 2 weeks. Taylor, on the other hand... yikes.

What did Mike Riley have to say about everything Saturday? Well, read for yourself.

“In general there was some nice plays—really the consistency in the run game I did not like. We had some nice runs, and make some big plays but we were not consistent enough in the drives.

“Defensively there was a lot of good defense but I think we gave up in general probably too many big plays. One of the key elements of winning games is not giving up big plays and tackling.”

In all, it sounds like the Offense won the scrimmage on Saturday night. That seems like a complete change of course from earlier in camp when the passing game would struggle during 7 on 7 and such. However, it's a work in progress, and Nebraska will regroup then get back on the grind.

Nebraska takes the day off Sunday, then comes back to morning practices on Monday, August 17th.