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Talking Nebraska Football With ESPN 960 Sports In Utah Friday Afternoon

Someone had to fill the drive time traffic in Salt Lake City

David McGee

Earlier this evening, I had the fortune to talk Nebraska Cornhuskers Football with Ben Criddle and company with ESPN 960 Sports out of Utah this evening.

Things we spoke of are the following, and hopefully nothing that will shock, surprise, or put you into slumber include:

- How Mike Riley is handling how the news broke of 5 suspensions yesterday. 
- Injuries at Wide Reciever, and who is stepping up from those injuries. 
- The mood of Husker Nation as the BYU/Nebraska game is less than three weeks away. 
- Thoughts on the entire Defense. From Defensive Line to the story at Linebacker and Secondary. 
- Does the staff, team, and fanbase respect BYU? 
- Finally, is Nebraska finally comfortable in the Big Ten Conference?

I'm glad I could help Ben fill the time on Friday afternoon. His producer, Jeremy Mauss, is the main man over at Mountain West Connection, the SBNation blog for the MWC.