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Corn Flakes:Through These Gates Pass the Highest Maintenance Fans in College Football

Lookie! They're picking on the high maintenance guy!
Lookie! They're picking on the high maintenance guy!
David McGee

I was going to change the Memorial Stadium sign "Through These Gates Pass The Greatest Fans in College Football" to "Through These Gates Pass the Highest Maintenance Fans in College Football", but I suck at photoshop. I'm sure one of you can take care of that in the comments section.

Last night, head coach Mike Riley confirmed there are five Nebraska players suspended for the opener against BYU. We don't know who they are at this point. We will find out. We may never know why - they're not obligated to tell us (something call "privacy") and although it hasn't been used here "violation of team rules" is a standard policy line used by everyone throughout college football.

The "high maintenance" line has set off a small firestorm. We're all anxious for football to start (22 days, right?), and every tiny morsel out of the coaches or practice is analyzed, dissected, checked for grammatical errors and then analyzed again.

I'd love to tell you all to settle down, but that would be a lie (WE LIKE THE WEB HITS). By all means, have at it. Just remember to refresh yourselves on the community guidelines and be thankful that I haven't bought any gin since... last weekend.

Michigan State Football Media Day: Who's The Starting Running Back? - The Only Colors
Michigan State has four running backs at their disposal who each have starter potential. A closer look at the preseason battle.

As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation - Off Tackle Empire

In Praise of the Buckeye State

As if they need encouraged.

Former U-M Head Coach Brady Hoke To Co-host Radio Show On SiriusXM - Maize n Brew

The show will air twice a week starting Aug. 18th at 4 p.m. on SiriusXM College Sports Nation.

It surprises me that Hoke hasn't gone back to coaching. Maybe some time off. Or maybe after you've coached and failed at Michigan there's no where else left to go, everything else just won't be the same.

Five Big Ten Trends Bound to Continue in 2015 - Maize n Brew

If the 2015 Big Ten script is mapped out, then don't be surprised if these five things occur once more.

Of course they have to bring up "Wisconsin scores again". Until we smash the Badgers consistently, it's going to be part of our lives.

No, Maryland and Rutgers probably aren't sleeping giants - Land-Grant Holy Land
Just because there are good players next door doesn't mean you will ever be any good

Pat Fitzgerald's comfort zone - Inside NU

Ten years in, is Pat Fitzgerald too comfortable at Northwestern?

This is excellent. Read it, and then enjoy the comments section. Maybe we're not so high maintenance after all.

Purdue Football Practice Day 6: Anthrop Leaves Practice Limping - Hammer and Rails
Because of course

Minnesota Athletics Director History: The First AD Search #TBT - The Daily Gopher
Think the Teague situation is a sordid mess? Well in 1922 the first Athletics Director search at the U of M was weird too!

Oregon State receiver Victor Bolden ready for changes |

Oregon State is coming off a 5-7 season, after which longtime coach Mike Riley unexpectedly bolted for the top job at Nebraska. The Beavers hired Gary Andersen, who had spent the last two seasons at Wisconsin, leading the Badgers to a 19-7 record over the span. Andersen and Riley couldn't be more different as coaches, Bolden said. Not taking anything away from Riley, Andersen is fiercely detail-oriented. Andersen is one of the reasons Bolden was inspired academically; the receiver says the coach is encouraging his players in the classroom by offering tutors and talking up good study habits.

It happens EVERYWHERE, including your office. The LAST GUY OUT was to blame for EVERYTHING.

2016 College Football Recruits All-Name Team, led by Dicaprio Bootle and Lil'Jordan Humphrey -
Second-team: Nebraska commit Dicaprio Bootle will be playing Catch Me If You Can with wide receivers.

Ohio State nearly played Bo Pelini, Youngstown State in 2015 - Land-Grant Holy Land

The Buckeyes and the former OSU safety turned head coach's Penguins nearly faced off in 2015.

Well, that would have been fun.