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Mike Riley Confirms 5 Suspensions For Nebraska In Season Opener, Givens Price Moves To Defensive Tackle

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers had a odd day, and things got more odd after the end of the Thursday evening practice.

Earlier, I told you about the Portland Tribune article, mainly about 5 players being suspended for the opener vs. the BYU Cougars on September 5th. Tonight, Head Coach Mike Riley confirmed there would be suspensions. However, there were no names.

It's good that Riley, who wasn't supposed to talk to the media tonight after practice, owned up to the piece.

The last tweet by Gaskins is a fair point, but that's going to fall into a wait and see what happens thing. Will Riley clam up a little or give the Nebraska media more access, which is what it seems fans and such wonder why it came from a Portland reporter and not a Lincoln/Omaha reporter.

In other news:

This is interesting in how the Wideout group has these issues, but not a majority of others in different spots.

Let us all hope this is nothing much.


Interesting part on the Givens Price news. He played a fair amount last season on the Offensive Line. That could be a depth thing. As far as Blum, well, not a scholarship player so wish him well.

Oh Jamal....

That would be Vincent Valentine, and that's a good thing.

As stated above, good on Riley to come out on a night that he wasn't scheduled to talk to the media (DC Hank Hughes was scheduled). It's going to be a learning curve not only on the field, but in the fan base and media. He may have done that back in Corvallis, but at the same time, this isn't Corvallis.

That all being said, for now, that's all that Mike Riley owes any of us, media or fans or whatever. As I mentioned earlier (IMO), people begged for this type of access, but now gets upset when it came from something they weren't comfortable with.

The next practice with media access comes on Saturday. We will be watching and reporting as well there.