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Nebraska Dons Full Pads For The First Time In Tuesday Night's Practice

The Huskers load up under the lights for Practice #5.

Armstrong under center. WHOO
Armstrong under center. WHOO
David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers donned full pads for their fifth practice of the '15 season Tuesday night. The practice lasted just a shade over 2 hours on the Gass Practice Fields near the Hawks Championship Center.

An interesting twist into the practice is that the Big Ten Network happened to arrive a day early to take in 2 practices, both today and tomorrow.

BTN's Dave Revsine offered up some insight into what he saw.

Tommy Armstrong Jr. was obviously a focus of Revsine.


After practice, folks gave us their #hot #practice #takes. One theme was evident early and often.

It had been stated that Terrell Newby was the leader in the clubhouse when it came to Running Back. However, it's good to see Mikale Wilbon get some 1st team love. That all being said, it's kind of a surprise I have not heard one thing about Adam Taylor at all yet this camp.

With the aforementioned players out of the loop today, one person stepped forward.

Offensive line take? Sure.

After practice, HC Mike Riley was happy that he could go to full pads, noting that he could go finally go full contact for a while.

"It is good to get through the progression of what they call acclimatization, I think it is a great idea and I frankly worry more on the days when you don’t have pads on than I do this day when you put full gear on. We did however do a little more ‘live football’ on our first day of full gear than before."

Riley also had love for both the QB's up in Camp...

"We have really tried to be fair with the quarterback rotation after Tommy’s first-team reps. I think all of them have taken second team snaps—what we are trying to do is give them all reps with other units, so they get a chance to play with the second string linemen, receivers and so on."

.. as well as Wilbon.

"Mikale I think has had a big jump from spring practice to today. I think he has made a very, very good improvement and I think that comes from him being able to utilize his ability. It is exciting—he is doing well."

Practice continues tomorrow.