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Big Red Cobcast: Matt Herian Interview

Ryan and Pat interview good ol' boy and Husker legend, Matt Herian!

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

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Before I start, I want to thank Corn Nation writer, Ranch Babe, for hooking us up with this interview. She's my favorite staff member, for now and for always.

Matt Herian's story would make a great Hollywood movie: He was a local kid from Pierce, Nebraska who got a scholarship to play Tight End from the University he cheered for his entire life. I imagine he pulled up in his pick up truck, with a 72 point buck he just shot, in the bed, while wearing overalls. Matt probably jumped out through the window (because he sawed the roof off of his truck himself with a hand saw, like a man) walked up to the coach between Solich and Pelini and said "I'm Matt Herian sir and I'm here to do two things: drink tall boys and break records and, well, I'm all outta tall boys, coach." Then he breaks his leg. (DO NOT GOOGLE IT. You've been warned.) He heals like mother flippin' Wolverine and goes on to be the best tight end, statistically, that Nebraska has ever had. BOOM. Then he moseys back to Pierce and resumes farming with his dad during the day and signing autographs at night. I'm sure he kisses babies too.

He's like Scott Bakula in "Necessary Roughness". The Tight End version.

Matt was very genuine, humble and easy to talk to. It seems to be the pattern with our former cornhuskers that we get to interview. Especially the local kids. They grow 'em right back home. This was a great interview and you don't want to miss out. We talk about his goatee for christ's sake.

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