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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Could Nebraska Start To Land Receivers For 2016 Finally?

Where are the Wideouts?

Plano WR Audie Omotosho
Plano WR Audie Omotosho
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- One of the things that the Nebraska Cornhuskers have not done yet in the '16 cycle is land some Wideouts. That is somewhat surprising knowing how hard WR Keith Williams has been working on the trail. However, there are a few folks that are making decisions soon, and Nebraska should be landing their fair share shortly.

The Huskers hosted Eden Prairie, Minnesota Wideout JD Spielman this past weekend, and he is set to make a decision soon.

With the fact that the word on the street says that Spielman is really digging Nebraska along with several Minnesota and other Big Ten recruiting guys making the call for Nebraska, I went and put the Crystal Ball in for him to the Huskers.

- Another WR to keep an eye on is Pompano Beach, Florida's C.J. Riley. He, according to Yahoo's Rob Cassidy, will decide between 3 schools soon. Word is that he visited Nebraska a couple weeks back.

If you're comparing, you'll notice that Riley has some outstanding height at 6' 5". but Spielman seems to be the better all-around athlete.

- Another offer that just went out to a WR is for Plano East's (Tx) Audie Omotosho. At 6' 3", he's another tall Wideout being targeted by the Huskers.

- Speaking of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, a Nebraska offer headed out to Duncaville DT Marcel Southall. Southall is a big time Oklahoma lean currently.