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2015 Big Ten Media Days: What Did We Learn

It was an interesting two days. We learned a lot from not only Mike Riley, but everyone that participated in Big Ten Media Days.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Big Ten Media Days have come and gone once again, and there's hype and pizzazz from all coaches, players, Commissioner Jim Delany and such.

What were the things to take away from this if you're a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan? Several things in fact:

Mike Riley was one of the stars of the show - Whether it made you smile or sick to your stomach, the media in attendance fell head over heels with him, if they had not done so already.

While some of this love was almost unbearable, it goes to show you that most regional/national people were appreciative of Riley and his aw shucks, we've been here before but lets try it again attitude.

Subtle or not, things were said that show it's a different show in town -

Whether they meant to or not, it was clear that it's a different staff and attitude in North Stadium. Some enjoy that while some will not. I do think that the media in attendance prodded, but at the same time if you're asked the question enough, you'll get tired and answer it in a cold manner.

Jim Delany still runs the Big Ten on his terms. - It's his conference, and he's going to do what he wants with it.

Ryker Fyfe is still a scholarship Quarterback in Lincoln... at this time. -

There are big connections to coaches that will be interesting story lines in the future -

Sometimes a subtle jab can be bulletin board material -

Jim Harbaugh didn't say much of anything. Tim Beckman said less -

Those of you wanting BTN and to cut the cord... SOON -

The season can't start soon enough! - Fan Day and Fall Camp kick off this week. We've almost made it.