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Football: Tommy Armstrong, Nathan Gerry, Jordan Westerkamp To Attend Big Ten Media Days

The trio will be heading to Chicago the last week of July.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

When you get to Big Ten Media Days, it's a funfest of quotes and things that help the fanbase and such get through the last few days during Fall Camp to the first game of the season. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will be sending three Captains to Chicago July 30-31 with Head Coach Mike Riley.

First, it was a guessing game, literally.

OOH, A GUESSING GAME. However, it didn't fool too many people.

So, after a while, the Big Ten and Nebraska finally announced it.

The Huskers will take Quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr., Safety Nathan Gerry and Wide Receiver Jordan Westerkamp to Chicago.

All three student-athlete representatives were recently voted Captain of the 2015 Nebraska Football team, along with Alex Lewis, Jack Gangwish, and Maliek Collins.