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Big Red Cobcast: Coup d'etat

With Ryan in Russia, Pat and Joe take over. Things get a bit hairy.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Over the past few months, I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing, depriving the world of press conference diaries and high-minded Carl Pelini thinkpieces. I’ve instead been focusing my efforts on the Big Red Cobcast. But now that Ryan is in Russia for a few weeks, I’m taking over. All of it. Including this article. Not like some run-of-the mill coup, either. I’m in his house, playing with his dogs, using his bathroom, living his life. This is the Single White Female of podcast takeovers. Wait until he comes back and sees what I’ve done. Do you think he’ll like that I dyed my hair red and got a tattoo on my arm, just like him?

Sure, he asked me to do all of that (except the part about dying my hair and getting a tattoo, though I do hope he’ll love those). But I also wanted to feel what it was like being in charge. There’s only so much room for the second-in-command to stretch out and show who he is. There’s a lot more to being vice president than going to the
Women’s World Cup and eating ice cream. While the head man gets opportunity after opportunity to look smart, you’ve got to be on your game all of the time. As the right-hand man, you’re only one misspelled potato from being forever remembered as an idiot.

So Joe and I did our best to avoid sounding like idiots this week. Will our discussions of Mauro Bondi’s loyalties, Jim Harbaugh’s complete and utter psychosis, state-to-state motorcycle helmet laws and the Grateful Dead bear that out? It’s doubtful, but we did it on our terms! For this week, WE WERE THE RULERS OF THE BIG RED COBCAST!

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