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Winning B1G Media Days: The Mike Riley Press Conference

Here's Nebraska's new head coach wooing the media as only he can.

Well folks, I think it's easy to say that Mike Riley's first appearance at Big Ten Media Days was, how do you say...#WINNING?

Nebraska's new head coach was a hit at media days.  Sporting a new (buzz) cut because his wife told him "he'd look younger," he didn't draw as much attention as Harbaugh.  And his answers probably weren't nearly as wacky as some of those from that Michigan guy, but he was thoughtful, genuine, and didn't bristle at questions regarding his title as "the nice guy."

Some of us on the staff put the O/U on the number of Bo Pelini questions that he was going to be asked at around 3.5, but surprisingly enough, about the only sort of related Pelini-esque question he was asked was about the culture.  He answered that stride.

Hell, I don't think the man even broke a sweat, but honestly, what do you expect from a consummate professional who's been doing this for 40 years and is more excited than he's ever been?

Make sure you give this a watch, folks.  It is certainly worth it.