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Football: Mauro Bondi Tweets He Will Not Be Returning To Nebraska Football

The fifth year Senior is done kicking for the Huskers.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

The Kicking situation for the Nebraska Cornhuskers got pretty clear on Thursday night.

Instead of coming back for his fifth season at Nebraska, Senior Place Kicker Mauro Bondi tweeted out that he's done with the Football program. Bondi, who redshirted his second season on the squad, has already graduated from Nebraska.

Bondi became Nebraska's kickoff specialist, using that role his final 2 full seasons in Lincoln. However, he missed six games last season due to breaking his clavicle in a motorcycle accident before the Miami game. '

Bondi was the backup behind Grad Transfer Kicker Pat Smith in the 2013 season, and before he announced he was done with the team, behind Nebraska legacy Sophomore Drew Brown. With that knowledge in front of him looks like he knew what was up and decided to end his Nebraska career. No word yet if he plans a Graduate transfer, however, it is late in the process for something like that.