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Nebraska RB Target Jordan Stevenson Visiting Miami Today-Thursday, Huskers Still Lead

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Well, we knew that the Nebraska Cornhuskers were going to have to battle another team for the rights to South Oak Cliff RB Jordan Stevenson. However, it seems that the team has changed.

Per the Bolt by National 247 Recruiting writer Ryan Bartow, Stevenson is not going to head to Alabama, as most people were fretting on social media and message boards. Miami is the given destination for his other Official Visit.

As the Fanshot by our Miami friends over at State Of The U says, Nebraska is still the clear favorite to land Stevenson. Word on the street is that if it was up to Stevenson himself, he would already be a Husker. However, Mom has to sign off on it. While she's heading to Florida with Stevenson, it's going to take a lot for Nebraska to be overtaken here. That's not to say that it can't happen, but that would shock me and a lot of other people.

Stevenson is still wanting to enroll by the end of this week so he can participate in fall camp, no matter where he goes.