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Big Red Cobcast: Brandon Kinnie Interview

Pat and Ryan interview former Cornhusker receiver, Brandon Kinnie

Eric Francis/Getty Images

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Football players get a bad rap. They're all viewed in the mold of Manziel, Jameis Winston or (worst of all) Dave Meggett. The thing is though, that some (i.e. most that I have met) are cool as shit and laid back as hell. The latter is where Brandon Kinnie fits in.

Over the phone, I could actually hear him smiling. With all the Bo talk and Riley chatter and the who's gonna do what or sign where, it was nice to hear from someone who remembered what the game was about. Brandon talks about signing autographs and staying late to chat with fans after games, even some of the away ones. There was no drama, just good insight into a culture that he knows from first hand experience.

No he plays for the Omaha Beef with Coach Porkchop or as I would call him "Coachchop"

This interview is a must listen. Brandon was just too cool.

Brandon also recently opened up an online store called Husker84. Which you should check out. He has the best "Everyday I'm Huskerin'" shirt. It's pretty great.

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