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adidas Releases The Nebraska Football 2015 Alternate Uniform

The brand with the three stripes puts out their Husker alt special.

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adidas Football

Well, it's finally come. adidas has released the Nebraska Cornhuskers Alternate Uniform for the 2015 season on their website.

Here it is.

Reaction about it all is, as you can imagine, a little mixed on twitter this morning.

Hot take first impressions:

- I don't hate it. I thought I would really, really hate it. The whole web thing where the numbers are is recycled from each adidas uniform, it seems however. That could have gone.

- Kinda hate the numbers font. Similar to last year, but also 2 years ago? I think if it's white throughout instead of outlined in just white, it works better.

- I do like the pants, only issue is that if they were going to add the web thing, do the whole pant with it. Unsure about the stretched out N though.

- Is it just me, or do the shoes not match? I dunno, I can barely dress myself.

- That helmet is fantastic.

What do you think initially about the outfit? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Now we know when these will come out.