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Flakes Is Applying For a Job at Adidas

The Husker alternate uniforms are going to be announced tomorrow. Flakes is getting a head start and presenting our design ideas today. You're welcome.

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Eric Francis/Getty Images

Oooooooh! Alternate uniforms are almost here. OMG! OMG! Get your popcorn ready and prepare for the hot takes that are sure to follow.

Designing football uni's is easy. All you need is inspiration. Here at CN, we have the perfect storm .

Dear Leader has been obsessed with paisley.  No one wants to ask why. There has also been a spirited discussion on the Blackshirt tradition. Salt hates all things alternate. Mister Mike is happy - HAPPY, I tell you, for reasons unknown (but Brian's good 'crootin news might play a small part). The Cobcast guys have hunkered down in their California bunker as the rest of us tried to explain what "rain" was. Husker Mike is making the media rounds and fighting the good fight against too much optimism.

Lastly, this 'boys club' invited a female into their inner sanctum about a year ago. A female with Photoshop skills.  Muhahahaha! Ranchbabe presents the perfect Husker alternate helmet. Inspired by CN.

Not only did Dear Leader get his paisley, but if you look closely, you will see the skull pattern. What could possibly scream "The Blackshirts Are Back!" louder than a paisley skull? B1G offensive coordinators, you have been warned.

The 'croots are sure to love this stuff. All they have to do is take their helmet into the tattoo parlor. The compliance office needs to remind them to PAY for the tattoo  and keep the receipt (unless they intend to flip to Ohio State).

On to Flakes....

Chandler Smith transferring
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