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Corn Flakes: Happy Birthday Rex Burkhead

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Burkhead is 25 years old today.

I wonder why the hell he plays for Cincy, but hey, he's getting paid.

I remember when I was 25. I was playing for the Green Bay Packers. It was 1936. They ran me straight into the line 34 times in a row. I scored three touchdowns and after the game, me and Jimmy Stewart went out for beers.

Who could have seen what was coming? World War II. Marilyn Monroe. Transistors. Robots.

My God July is the worst month in the history of ever.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: First Official Bruce Campbell Image |

Starz has released the first image of Bruce Campbell in Ash vs. Evil Dead.Campbell is reprising he role he played in Sam Raimi’s series of cult horror films, including Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.According to Raimi, Ash is once again inadvertently responsible for the coming.....

Rumor is that Bruce Campbell is going to fight (an undead) Bill Snyder in an upcoming movie. I WOULD SO WATCH THAT.

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder still wants a Big 12 title game in football | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star

Baylor and TCU were the two best teams in the Big 12 last season. Had they played a 13th game, Snyder said, the winner would have been chosen for the playoff. Instead, Ohio State, which won the Big Ten, was picked.

That crazy Bill Snyder. What the hell? 13th game? IS HE A MAD CRAZY MAN? Baylor plays LAMAR this season. LAMAR. LAMAR, the fastest gunfighter in the west.

How The Big Ten West Is Won - Can The Gophers Book a Trip to Indianapolis? - The Daily Gopher

The Big Ten West is attainable this year, will it be the Gophers coming out on top?

If we lose to Minnesota this year, I'm leaving this state, leaving my wife, children, going to NOLA and becoming a homeless 350-pound alcoholic with an affinity for boiled shrimp. I'll have a really good laptop, though.

Colin Cowherd hung up on Jim Harbaugh during awkward interview -

Douche bag interviews douche bag. Douche bag things happen.

A good summation.

Ex-staffer on Jim Harbaugh: 'A great white shark, mouth open, staring at you' | FOX Sports
The Michigan Wolverines coach can even confuse those who work for him.

- There's nothing to do in Lincoln in the fall other than go to Nebraska football games, no matter how mediocre the team is, is there?