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Corn Flakes: SEC Media Days Highlights - Saban, Spurrier and BERT

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Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Media Days are upon us and that means real football isn't all that far away anymore. Today will feature Georgia, Ole Miss and LSU.

Big Ten media days isn't too far off, and this year will feature Jim Harbaugh and heaven only knows what quotes will come out of that guy.

I'm sure Mike Riley will field 43 questions, all the same, being "Talk about what it's like to move to the Big Ten", because TALK ABOUT is a favorite phrase of sports writers everywhere that doesn't really involve actually asking a question.

And let's face it, Riley will be boring.

As long as he wins games, who the hell cares, right?

6 charts that show college football conferences have their own offensive identities -

As you'd expect, the big conferences don't all play exactly the same kind of football.

Interesting, but we don't know what Nebraska will look like this year so this article is kind of void from our perspective.


ESPN and the Culture of Cord Cutting - Barking Carnival
For the first time in its storied run, ESPN is facing financial problems that could have long-term effects on how we watch sports.

SEC Media Days 2015: Day 1 Recap - Good Bull Hunting
Day 1 of SEC Media Days 2015 is in the books. A lot of coaches used a lot of words to give very few answers, so we added our own.

SEC Media Days 2015: Mizzou takes its turn in front of the mic - Rock M Nation
Missouri's turn at the mic during SEC Media Days was highlighted by news about Harold Brantley, updates on Maty Mauk's development, and cries of disrespect.

2015 SEC Media Days: Skai Moore Hates on Clemson and Expresses Confidence in the Defense - Garnet And Black Attack
Moore talks about his distaste for the Tigers of Clemson and Missouri and sings the praises of the HBC

SEC Media Days 2015: Mark Stoops says year three brings expectations - Team Speed Kills
I didn't realize Mark Stoops' head was so big.

Arkansas' Bret Bielema calls ending of Texas beatdown 'borderline erotic' -
And then there's BERT's head. Holy cow. I thought Arkansas would have less fat. I was wrong.

Arkansas and Bret Bielema at SEC Media Days Tweetcap - Arkansas Fight

The Razorbacks had their turn in Hoover Wednesday afternoon. Here are the highlights.

You need more BERT. Here it is!

SEC Media Days 2015: Steve Spurrier Feels Your Doubt and Loves It - Team Speed Kills

The Head Ball Coach is back in a good place for him.

THE ARBY'S CONSPIRACIES - Every Day Should Be Saturday


Steve Spurrier’s best quotes from 2015 SEC Media Days -

"I forgot to get fired and I'm not going to cheat."

I have always liked Steve Spurrier. A lot of Husker fans find him arrogant, and didn't like him from the 62-24 ass-whippin' we put on the Florida Gators, but I've never understood why (other than he's not Tom Osborne). He has great quotes. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He's been around a long time, and he's a winner.

What's not to like?

Nick Saban has another interesting explanation for another Alabama Sugar Bowl loss -

The offseason continues on schedule!

Nick Saban on the other hand I find a little odd, especially when his team loses. In 2009, Alabama was upset 31-17 by Utah in the Sugar Bowl, and Saban (as the article linked above shows) blamed the fans for lack of enthusiasm. This time it was players just finding out they were first round NFL draft picks as if they just found out they were going to be first round draft picks.

I agree fully with Dan Wolken in the article linked below.

Nick Saban breaks out lame excuses for Alabama's lame finish last season
The Crimson Tide coach blamed the timing of NFL draft grades for his team's flameout.

SEC Media Days 2015: Nick Saban Talks About the Big Picture - Team Speed Kills

Everyone always asks him to opine on the largest issues in the game.

A nice rational look at Saban's time at the podium.

Alabama's Nick Saban Absolutely Correct about NFL Draft Grades - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Nick Saban's talk about his players receiving draft grades may have sounded like whining, but he was right.

And then our Texas A&M site makes a rational point about Saban's complaints about NFL draft grades. It spoils all the fun.