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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: 2 Commits This Week? Plus, More LB Visits Happening

Commits and visits being set up. You sure this is allowed in July?

Alaric Jackson
Alaric Jackson
Student Sports

- First and foremost, I know I told you that Boe Wilson would be probably be committing last weekend. While he didn't, word on the street is that he's going to pull the trigger tomorrow.

I can't see Wilson not committing to Nebraska. If and when this happens, we'll be on the up and up with it.

- You can put the commit watch out for DiCaprio Bootle as well. The Miami speedster who got an offer after the Nebraska Cornhuskers Coaching Staff saw him at the Miami Satellite Camp is visiting Lincoln this week. If he likes what he sees, don't be shocked if he pulls the trigger and verbals. I have a feeling if that happens, we'll see how many schools and services discover him all of a sudden.

- And, speaking of visitors, an interesting one that was just found on twitter here a little bit ago this morning.

When looking for a Jashawn Banks, I found one that signed with Navy last year, but decided to go through the prep school route.

- I noticed kind of a interesting Crystal Ball prediction for Michigan State lean Alaric Jackson of Detroit yesterday...

The one Nebraska prediction came yesterday from a Michigan State 247sports writer. Seems out of the blue considering that I am pretty sure Jackson was moved on from by the Nebraska staff. However, do keep a flailing eye out on this one. This could be a case where Michigan St. has almost filled up and Jackson may not have any room there.

- Corona, California Cornerback Kentrell Love will be visiting Nebraska for the Southern Miss game.

- While it hasn't been set up yet, look for a Official Visit from USC Linebacker verbal Mique Juarez. His relationship with Nebraska LB coach Trent Bray is going to probably get that OV. Whether it matters or not is another note, as some other big schools look to be getting a visit. However, the fact another West Coast kid is considering Nebraska means some eyes are being opened up.