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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Nebraska Makes 2 Big Cuts, A Potential Transfer From Washington State?

The Huskers make two big cuts, but their QB that went to Oregon for The Opening doesn't make the final cut. Plus... could a Washington State transfer make it to Lincoln?

Michael Eletise
Michael Eletise
Student Sports

- First things first, last night the Elite 11 finished up at The Opening at Nike Headquarters in Oregon. And Nebraska QB verbal Patrick O'Brien didn't make the final 11.

Now, some folks will tell you that it's a great thing for a multitude of reasons. Primarily, that the fact that O'Brien made it is a big deal (which it is). However, others blow off the E11 meaning and say it's just a guarantee that POB will "fail at Nebraska", citing that Johnny Stanton was a E11 guy and failed in Lincoln.

Both statements could have a hint of truth to them. That being said, O'Brien and Wilson are both game tested QB's that can come in and are not projects to turn into a Quarterback. So, realize it's a big deal to make it, and also realize that there's some massive talent above that was named to the 11.

- The Huskers made two big time final cuts this week.

First off, a potential faucet opening to some big time Polynesian talent put Nebraska in his final 5.

Now, it's completely fair to say that Nebraska is behind when it comes to MiMichael Eletisehe Offense Guard out of Honolulu Kaiser HS. However, the fact that Mike Cavanaugh has stayed with this one and Nebraska has a chance with S&C man Mark Philipp and TE/SA coach Tavita Thompson being in Lincoln already helps the Huskers out big time here.

He made his cut at The Opening. Here's some tape of him there.

The second big-time final cut for Nebraska proves that @Wideouts is doing work. Clyde Leflore, who Nebraska WR coach Keith Williams has been hard on, is considering that visit to Lincoln as well as to Texas A&M, Texas Tech, LSU and Ole Miss.

I do realize that we've talked about Leflore before, but the fact that he's still got Nebraska in his sights says something to the way that Williams and the staff have stayed diligent this summer. Williams did the work when he was at Temple, and Leflore realizes that a bigger program with better QB talent that the Green Wave had will help this out.

- In a report by HuskersOnline/Rivals, Washington State RS FR Defensive Back Jeffery Farrar has been given his release by the Cougars, with Nebraska being one of the main targets. The article states that Farrar was originally a Virginia signee, but fell out of favor with them and ended up at Wazzu when they were one of the only spots left (helloooo Hunter Dale!). Farrar has only attended WSU for a year, so he'd still have a fair amount of eligibility when he was available.

It would make sense that Riley's staff would be familiar with Farrar, but it shows that he didn't get an offer from Oregon State when he was in High School. Keep an eye out on this one because, in the whole grand aspect, there's not a lot of time for him to get on a campus.

Commitment Watch: Boe Wilson

It sounds like he's ready to pick this upcoming week between Nebraska and Lousiville among other schools. His Crystal Ball is 100 percent Nebraska, and I got to think that's where he's going to pick.