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Flakes Is Under Water

It rained a whole bunch around our little town. It might be a while before we get back to our regularly scheduled ball games.

Cory Hille

Our little corner of northeast Nebraska experienced some significant rain the other night.  After the earlier flooding at Haymarket Park, I thought the CN community would appreciate the level of water that arose in our small town ball field as a result.

We have a small grounds crew (who do not get paid nearly enough--or possibly at all) and no world class drainage system financed by a blue-blood football program (OK, we don't have a drainage system at all). BUT, we have world class volunteers and a community who pulls together no matter what.

All of our games this week were supposed to be home games. They have been switched to "away" with the reciprocal games against those league opponents being switched to "home". All of the baseball/softball parents will give up their Sunday naps to answer the call for cleanup. Everyone with a scoop shovel, broom, pair of gloves, power washer, or any useful utensil is being asked to show up and clean the mud out of the grandstand, bathrooms, concession stand, batting cage, and help recondition the infield. I love small town Nebraska.

A few photos for your viewing pleasure (thanks to my friends Jenny, Olga, Cory, Skye, Todd, and Curtis for either providing or pointing me toward photos).

The above header photo was taken from the south end of the field facing slightly northeast. This photo (below) is taken from the north end facing slightly southeast. If you look at the smack-dab middle of the photo below, the small pitcher's mound island will provide a frame of reference to compare all photos.

The mucky area between the bottom of the photo and the fence is where I normally park. This is taken slightly to the east (left) of the previous photo.

This view is from the grandstand. The softball field is to the upper left of this photo (also under water).

On to Flakes....

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