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Big Red Cobcast: America

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It's summer and nothing says America like HUSKER FOOTBALL!

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This week I want to urge you to listen to our podcast. I feel that in the middle of summer maybe people don't take time to appreciate good, honest, blue collar, Husker podcasting. Sure, we're all comedians and don't "actually have real jobs", sure Joe and Pat are "whiney liberals" and I find that most people "have stupid opinions" but I assure you, in spite of everything that might contradict what I'm about to say - We are a super, blue collar, podcast. We love America guys and we also love you. We work extremely hard to bring you Husker entertainment every week. We do this for you. Because Ford trucks, apple pie and most of all because - America.

Why do we care so much, you may ask? You might say, "but Ryan don't you ever get tired of talking about Husker athletics [football] every week"? The answer to that question is "No." because America needs it and I would do anything to help America and you, our adoring fans. We do this for you. We do this for the men and women who work in steel mills or dig footings in residential housing complexes or roofers. Especially roofers because nothing sucks more than roofing. Except maybe dry walling. Dry walling sucks pretty hard too. The way we look at it is, if roofers can get up every morning and make sure that my fellow Americans have a dry place to lay their American heads at night then I can make sure to bring those roofers high quality, American, midwestern, Husker podcasting each and every week. Because freedom, guys, freedom.


This week we discuss the importance of lineage in recruiting, team captains and the Apple watch.

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