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Nebraska Announces Fall 2015 Football Captains

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With football a mere 13 weeks away, Nebraska football released the names of this year's captains.

Captain Armstrong, at your service!
Captain Armstrong, at your service!
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know football was only 93 days away?

A mere thirteen weeks until we're all arguing about this year's Adidas alternate uniform, how much better the backup QB is than Tommy Armstrong, and whether or not we'd be better off with the cat as a head coach.

One thing we won't have to discuss this year? Who is the captain of the week.

The Cornhuskers, by team vote, have selected six teammates as this fall's captains. (Captains in June? Next thing you know, we'll be handing out Blackshirts after fall camp.)

Those names were announced by the athletic department this evening via Twitter and Facebook.

For easier reading:

Jordan Westerkamp (Jr., WR)

Maliek Collins (Jr., DT)

Nate Gerry (Jr., S)

Alex Lewis (Sr., OT)

Jack Gangwish (Sr., DE)

Tommy Armstrong, Jr. (Jr., QB)

Quite the youth movement amongst the captains, no? But certainly no slackers. A hearty congratulations to each of them on this tremendous author.

Per the announcement, Coach Riley expects these young men to act as the ultimate representatives of the team, both on and off the field. Their leadership starts with summer workouts, which begin this coming Monday. Fall practice opens August 6th.

These are your 2015 Nebraska Cornhusker captains. What do you think? Do they have what it takes to propel their team to greater things this fall? Sound off below!


As always, Nebraska's social media crew bring their A game...


Let's also applaud Brian for charging his phone today.