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CN Food Bracket 1st Round Matchup: Honest Abe's vs. Green Gateau

Another Lincoln matchup this morning.

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Greg Fiume/Getty Images

You know the drill. We're getting through the round of 64 in the CN Food Bracket Tournament. This is another Lincoln matchup, which happens to be the 3rd and 14th seeds. You know where to go to get the current polls & results so far.


One location in Lincoln.

The location has a Yelp rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

A Yelp review:

How do you not like this place? The truffle fries, ZOMG. If you are even remotely considering this place as one of your options for dining, stop considering and head there ASAP. You can thank me later. They have some burgers that are always on the menu and some that are rotating. It doesn't really matter what you pick because I can promise you it will be divinely delicious.

Please consider though that they are small and have that sort of hipster feeling (although very very clean) and seating is entirely not enough to accommodate the massive number of people trying to get their burgers. You will likely be crammed in a room full of people and be elbow to elbow with someone but it is all part of the Honest Abe process. Consider getting your order to go and beginning a nice, relaxing Netflix binge at home. I think the fries taste better a little soft anyway, but hey that's just me.

Protip: they sell baked goodies like rice krispies treats made by the little Sasquatch store in the plaza and these are fairly delicious too.


One location in Lincoln.

The location has a Yelp rating of 4 stars out of 5.

A Yelp review:

One of THE most favorite places I've had brunch at in Lincoln. I'd go just to have a plate of their bacon. My dining partner and I were lucky enough to get in on a Sunday after a patiently waiting (we weren't aware of how busy they'd be and that reservations would be highly encouraged).

Definitely a place I'd like to hit up again if in the area on a Sunday morning again.