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Flakes Is Live From the World Pork Expo

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I think I died and went to BBQ heaven.

Everyone has a multi-deck grill with a sink, on wheels. Right?
Everyone has a multi-deck grill with a sink, on wheels. Right?
Jill Heemstra

Good morning CornNation! Jon sent me undercover into enemy CyHawk territory. The Iowa State fairgrounds is the site of the World Pork Expo - and a "world" expo it is. I have seen name tags from at least a half dozen countries as well as a large chunk of U.S. states.

The Expo is a celebration of all things porcine. Everything from awesome food (mmmm, ribs) to the latest in feeders, fans, flooring, and educational programs. There are even walking billboards.

Need a new grill? Yep, those are here.

Want manure additives that are supposed to conserve the nitrogen? Speaking of manure...

Vote for the Manure Expo's crappiest slogans

A few years back, the Manure Expo was held in Nebraska. I spent two days traipsing around the grounds in 100+ degree weather with an amazing camera man in tow. We were gathering footage to produce a half-hour show on modern manure management. I am still waiting for our Oscar nomination. This year, the Expo is going to Pennsylvania and is looking for input to create a t-shirt with the best 'rejected' slogans. If you check out the contest, you will see that those of use who work in the manure management field have a great sense of humor. We have to.

Pistons to work out Terran Petteway
Another day, another workout for the ex-Husker hoopster.

Doctor, ex-Husker suspected of hit-and-run, driving high : Journal Star Breaking News
An orthopedic surgeon and former Husker football player crashed into two cars within minutes of each other on Tuesday afternoon because he was high, Lincoln police said.

A really sad story.

2016 College Football Hall of Fame Ballot Released > National Football Foundation > NewsDetail
Announcement of the 2016 Hall of Fame Class to be made live Friday, Jan. 8, 2016, in Scottsdale, Ariz., in conjunction with the College Football Playoff National Championship Weekend.

Husker Sportsmanship Award Winners Announced

Titans pick youth over experience in safety shuffle
Titans bid farewell to two veterans at safety in favor of athleticism upgrade. Ex-Husker Daimion Stafford is among those looking for more playing time.

Bengals tinkering with Burkhead at wide receiver : Latest Husker News
The Bengals are finally figuring out what Husker fans have known all along. You need to find ways to get Rex on the field.