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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Huskers Offer The #1 Wideout In America

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Aim high, Iron eagle.

Student Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers Wide Receivers Coach Keith Williams is aiming high. Very high.

Who would @wideouts be talking to?

Nate Craig-Myers, the number 1 ranked WR according to both Scout and 247 Sports.

The Huskers are definitely aiming high here, and even if they fall and not get Craig-Myers here, people will notice. The staff is not scared at all.

- Another offer went out today, this time to a Pitt commit.

Tony Butler, a 6' 2" Cornerback from St. Edward HS in Lakeland, Ohio, looks like he wants to move on from Pitt. Michigan is the lead here, but Nebraska looks to get in the fray here.