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CornNation's Husker Mike Talks Huskers' Coaching Changes and UNO Hockey with The Bottom Line's Mike'l Severe

On Monday, the Omaha World-Herald's Mike'l Severe invited me onto the final segment of The Bottom Line to discuss blogging, Husker football coaching and UNO hockey. There were lots of reminiscing about how I got started in blogging and the coaching changes of 2007 and 2014.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • How I got started in blogging ten years ago this month.  (I wasn't buying into the "kool-aid" of the Callahan/Pederson era.)
  • 2007, and how I went from thinking that Callahan had things all figured out after the Nevada game to telling Jon after the Iowa State game that Nebraska would go 0-4 in October against Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas.
  • Mike Riley, the support he's received, and how I would have liked to have seen Shawn Eichorst make a phone call to Baylor's Art Briles or TCU's Gary Patterson first.
  • UNO hockey, and the magical end of season run to the Frozen Four.  Plus why I think that UNO's new Baxter Arena is undersized.

Personal note: I hadn't done many radio interviews and none locally. It's one thing to go on the Ohio State pregame show and talk Huskers for 3 minutes; nobody's paying much attention. This was longer form, and it was I was nervous as can be, because you never know how people are going to react to what you are going to say.  Prime example:  a senior executive at my regular job stops by my desk the next day at work and joked a bit about some of my comments. Nothing bad, mind you...but if I had known a big wig was going to listen, I'm not sure I would have gone through with it.

Go ahead and give it a listen. There's a chance that Mike'l will invite me on it may not be my only opportunity.  Much to the chagrin of AJ "the HuskerH8r"...