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Flakes: Dreams, Lawrence Phillips, Basketball News, and the B1G is Doing Baseball Things

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The Flakes bowl overfloweth today with Lawrence Phillips' haunting letters from jail, a whole bunch of basketball news and baseball of northern aggression.

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A couple days ago Jon wrote about his recurring dreams. Cliff notes version: he dies a lot.

I have a recurring theme in many of my dreams too. I often dream I am back in college. The problem is, I bring my middle-aged, swiss-cheese brain back to school with me. In my dreams, I constantly forget  my dorm room key.

When I am not locked out of my dorm room. I forget my class schedule. Invariably, I make it halfway through a semester before I remember that I signed up for a certain class and have not attended it even once. Since I have missed so much, I panic and have to scramble to have any chance to get a decent grade.

I have no idea about the deep meaning of this imagery. I definitely know that I have gotten much more easily distrac.....

Offseason? It Is Never the Offseason at CN!

A.K.A. shameless self-promotion of the awesome work the CN writers have done for you recently:

The Cobcast guys talked to Charlie McBride. If you have not noticed - they have been tearing it up with their interviews. If you haven't caught up - do it. Now. I will wait.

You may have also noticed the food bracket going on. There will be a few posts every day to help us pass the summer. Vote early and vote often for your favorite Nebraska eateries.

Ex-NFL running back Lawrence Phillips sends terrifying letters from jail: ‘This place is a jungle’ | For The Win

The handwritten letters have arrived with the same return address: Lawrence Phillips G-31982, Kern Valley State Prison, P.O. Box 5101, Delano, CA 93216. Yes, that Lawrence Phillips. The star running back on University of Nebraska’s national championship teams in 1994 and 1995.

Can They Play Linebacker Too?

The athletic Davis twins (Husker defensive tackle/track & field recruits) do standing backflips to celebrate winning a state track championship. (Not bad for 265-275 lb humans).

Ranking 129 college football campuses by Chipotle proximity -
At least one college football team has used its nearby Chipotle as a recruiting tool. So, let's rank everybody.

Here's why UAB football died and is already rising again -
Hopefully, you have exactly 10 questions about why the Blazers were killed and are already back, because we have exactly 10 answers.

Big 12 And SEC Champions To Meet In Postseason Bowl Game - Big 12 Conference - Official Athletic Site

Our former conference mates are cozying up to the SEC. As I read the article, I kept getting distracted by the "One true champion" tagline on the Big 12 website. (Did I mention that I get easily distracted?)

"A new January bowl tradition is born," said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. "This new game will provide a great matchup between the two most successful conferences in the BCS era and will complement the exciting postseason atmosphere created by the new four-team model. Most importantly, it will provide our student-athletes, coaches and fans with an outstanding bowl experience."

Basketball News!

Lakers Draft Workouts: Terran Petteway | Los Angeles Lakers
(06/01/15) Terran Petteway talks about his workout for the Lakers. Turns out he is a big fan of the team out west.

Sun Suspend Allison Hightower, Waive Kelsey Griffin - Hartford Courant
An injured former Husker women's basketball player is waived by her WNBA team.

Walt Pitchford will be working out for pro teams

A Nebrasketball "big" target picks Indiana instead

BASEBALL. BIG TEN. This is not a drill.

On the opening day of regional play, the B1G went 5-0. Four of those teams (Iowa, Maryland, Illinois, and Michigan) went on to play in regional finals. The upstart northerners pushed a conference record two teams into super-regionals. Illinois will take on defending national champion Vanderbilt, but will make the SEC team travel to the Illini home field. Maryland will visit Virginia. B1G! B1G! B1G!

(Dammit B1G - you were supposed to roll over and cede the conference to the Huskers without a fight).

Dispatches From Champaign: May 31 -
Sean Murphy and Wright State won twice Sunday to reach the regional final against Illinois. Michael Baumann examines an emotional day in Champaign.

Regional Madness: Sunday's Instant Analysis -

It's regional championship Sunday in college baseball, and Mark Etheridge and the rest of our staff has some analysis from the action throughout the day.

Michigan’s Wagner shuts out Florida to force Game 3 for NCAA Title " Big Ten Network

While we are bragging about B1G diamond dominance - the Michigan women are playing for a national title tonight.

The 2015 Michigan softball team will have the chance to "sprinkle the cheese" one last time this season. Haylie Wagner pitched a complete-game shutout as Michigan defeated Florida, 1-0, on Tuesday night in Game 2 of the 2015 Women's College World Series.