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Johnny Stanton and Glenn Irons Leaving Nebraska Football

In what is disappointing, but not totally unexpected news, Nebraska head coach Mike Riley announced the departures of Johnny Stanton and Glenn Irons from the football program.

"Johnny Stanton informed me this afternoon that he has chosen to transfer to another institution to continue his college career. Johnny is an outstanding young man and we wish him the very best moving forward."

Riley also announced that receiver Glenn Irons will no longer be a part of the Nebraska football program.

Stanton's departure was expected after he didn't enter the spring game until late in the second half, seemingly now fifth on the depth chart behind presumed starter Tommy Armstrong, but also after freshman A.J. Bush, freshman Zack Darlington, and junior walk-on Ryker Fyfe. Many were surprised last fall when Fyfe seemed to jump ahead of Stanton, but when both Darlington and Bush jumped Stanton this spring, the writing was on the wall.

Irons departure from the football program is also not a surprise, considering that Jariah Tolbert, his New Orleans Edina Karr teammate, announced his transfer earlier this month.


Stanton told Brian Christopherson of the Lincoln Journal-Star that he plans to transfer to Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California to play this fall, graduate, and then look for other opportunities.