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2015 NBA Draft: Nebraska's Terran Petteway Goes Undrafted

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The biggest contributor in Nebraska Basketball in a long, long time... does not get picked.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Cornhuskers Terran Petteway went undrafted in the 2015 NBA Draft on Thursday evening. 

Terran's career totals (from Nebraska)

GP-GS Minutes Min Per Game (AVG) FG (Made) FG (Att) PCT 3-PT (Made) 3-PT (Att) 3-PT (PCT) FT FT (Att) FT (PCT) Reb (Off) Reb (Def) Reb (Total) Reb (AVG) PF Foul Outs Asst T/O Blks Steals Pts Pts (AVG)
TOTALS (NU) 63-63 2100 33.3 366 892 .410 116 364 .319 295 384 .768 46 262 308 4.9 196 8 139 192 51 64 1143 18.1

(Career statistics from had him going 41st overall to the Brooklyn Nets as a SF (Small Forward) and he was projected to go in the second round as a small forward by several mock drafts.

The road to becoming an NBA draft pick was not an easy one, as Terran worked out for 13 different NBA teams in the last several weeks. However, none felt like he was worth a pick

While he's not been drafted, there is always the uplifting realization that by not being drafted, TP is now a Unrestricted Free Agent. It was a long shot to be drafted, but he will get a chance somewhere.

While we're wondering where Terran will be signed, check out what Grantland wrote about Terran and his late Mother.

‘She’d Be Hella Proud’ "

Now, together in his office with his player, Miles took a deep breath: "Terran, your mother passed away." Joetta Petteway had died at 53, the same age her mother had died of cancer. Miles saw a broken young man. He knew that Joetta had meant everything to him. They stayed in the office for a couple of hours. They didn’t talk much. Terran couldn’t. Miles squeezed his shoulder and tried to provide any small measure of solace. None came.

You should read the above whether you liked Petteway or not. There's a lot there, a lot more than any of us knew.