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Flakes: Hang Time, NBA Draft, Recruiting, and Tyronn Lue

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Who would win? Sam Foltz or der Wiener Schlinger?

Yard art in Laurel, Nebraska
Yard art in Laurel, Nebraska
Jill Heemstra

It is officially mosquito season in Nebraska. With all of the rain it is no surprise, but still unwelcome. Speaking of rain, I figured out why it has been raining so much. Husker punter Sam Foltz has been putting holes in the clouds when he practices...

Seriously, does anyone else get visions of Foltz taking on "der Wiener Schlinger" for supremacy in launching oblong objects high into the stands?

Petteway Prepares to Begin Professional Career - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

For the last six weeks, Terran Petteway has been like many other recent college graduates, working hard to improve his position in the job market.

Thursday is the big day for a former Husker looking to make his dream of professional ball come true.

Somewhat related - Walt Pitchford withdrew from draft consideration. This is less surprising than his original decision to declare for the draft rather than return to Nebraska his senior year. Word is that he simply lost his passion for the game. If you think the 2014-15 season was hard on us fans - imagine being in his shoes.

A Husker in the NFL Helps Feed the Homeless

Tyronn Lue May Get a Street Named After Him In His Hometown - News - The Mexico Ledger - Mexico, MO
The Mexico City Council met in session June 22 to discuss two major items of business and hear departmental reports. The first item of new business was Bill No. 2015-38: A resolution declaring the necessity for changing Walnut Street to Tyronn Lue Boulevard.

More Nebrasketball News

Nebraska Football Uplifting Athletes Road Race 2015 at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE to benefit Uplifting Athletes |
Nebraska Football Uplifting Athletes Road Race 2015 at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE benefiting Uplifting Athletes

USA Women Drop Opener to China - NetScouts Basketball
Former Husker Tear'A Laudermill was a contributor for the US women's team.

Maybe Getting 'Croots to Nebraska Isn't Like Pulling Teeth?

Who knew?

If you read Brian's recruiting article yesterday, you will notice a lot of optimism about where the recruiting for the Huskers is headed. That is a good thing. As Brian pointed out, the B1G is stepping up their game (at least the top tier of the B1G). If this staff can coach as well as they tweet, it will be fun to watch the product on the field.

Brian Christopherson: Today’s recruiting hoses late bloomers… & other recruiting opinions
On "The Ticket 93.7 FM" The Lincoln Journal-Star & writer Brian Christopherson weighs in on Wilson’s bump to a 4-star and NU’s 5th-9th rating in Big 10 recruiting at the moment.

Some audio from an interview on one of Lincoln's sports radio channels.