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Corn Flakes: 2012 Quarterback Class - A Whole Mess of Meh

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Today's theme was inspired by a Matt Hinton tweet that Husker Mike pointed out in our CN staff discussion group. Hinton has been writing about college football for some time, including writing for me for "A Sea of Red", the first edition of the Nebraska football yearbook I edited.

Anyway, Hinton noted:

Take a quick look through that list, ESPN's top Quarterbacks of the 2012 class.

Other than Jameis Winston... egad. It's like Winston took all the success and didn't leave much for anyone else. Given the list, Tommy Armstrong Jr doesn't look all so bad. So many transfers, so many who never panned out.

Compare that to ESPN's Top Quarterbacks of 2011 and you get the idea. Still a fair number that didn't do much, but a much wider spread of success.

This isn't meant to be an indictment of ranking systems; it's merely an observation. Maybe it's an indication that you need to be doing the best you can do take a top quarterback in every class - you never know when there might be... something in the water that year? Who knows?

15 for '15: College football's best stadiums |

The Cornhuskers have sold out every game in Lincoln since 1962, and the atmosphere that Big Red provides helps make the historic venue that much more special when it comes time for game day. That the fans are some of the classiest in the sports means that win or lose, this is a great place to watch some football.

Your standard "best stadiums" article.

3 things we learned from the USWNT's 2-0 win over Colombia -
The United States have a World Cup quarterfinal date with China after they sneaked by 10-woman Colombia

The United States women can win the World Cup playing ugly soccer -

Just because they play crummy soccer doesn't mean they can't win the World Cup.

The amount of bitching about this team amazes me. They've given up one goal so far in the World Cup, to Australia. The announcers during the game complain, after the game they complain some more, then people writing about the team complain.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs charged after alleged UCLA kettlebell rampage -

The musician got into it with the coach known for tripping a Miami Dolphins player during a punt return in 2010.

I have no idea what the reference to the coach is here... but this is unbelievably stupid, as if I have to point that out. I'm guessing how guilt you think he is is relative to whether or not you like rap music. I don't like rap music. I think he should go to jail for.... hahahahaha.

Al Golden hasn't restored Miami's dynasty, but he's actually doing a decent job -

Al Golden has pointed Miami in the right direction, but can he clear an extremely high bar before he loses his job?

This can't be posted without including these: