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Big Red Cobcast: Ri-lievers

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Who believes in Coach Riley? The Big Red Cobcast does!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Why do we love Coach Riley?

There are a lot of reasons, really. One, he smiles. I like people who smile. Two, His height doesn't intimidate me. In the same vein as Frank solich, Riley isn't a real tall man. Coach Riley is basically Frank Solich if Frank Solich smiled. Also, I guess, if Frank Solich ran a Pro Style offense. Honestly the two have little in common, they are both just kind of short. Three, Riley has an honest look about him. You know the old saying, "ALWAYS trust a book by how honest it looks."

Riley looks how Morgan Freeman sounds.

Going into this next season, I'm interested to see how different the team plays when they aren't afraid of the belt. I imagine Bo used a belt or a wooden spoon or some sort of a switch to punish players. Where as Riley will sit them down and logically reason with them why the decision they made was bad. Our players are going to be much more well adjusted in the years to come, I think.

Unless Riley ends up being that guy that nobody "thought was crazy" and makes Tommy Armstrong dig his own grave everytime he throws an interception or makes Jamal Turner beat DPE everytime he drops a pass.

The world's a messed up place guys.

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