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Twitter Recap: Moths, Niagara Falls and Father's Day.

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the prettiest moth you will see
the prettiest moth you will see
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Not a bad trade.

Nebraska Soccer is having some fun in the Great White North.

Where can one buy this?

The one and only Johnny Rodgers stopped by Memorial Stadium last week.


Amothcalypse would be a better name for it.

Faux Pelini taking a shot at Iowa.

Kids being cute.

Life of being famous.

What a trip!

Reunited again.

Not a better person to ask.

This looks really nice.

Hopefully the first of many.

Great way to spend Father’s Day.

Celebrating Father’s Day on the farm.

So spoiled.

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Monday morning better. If you missed it, here is last week’s Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!