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CN Food Bracket 1st Round: Godfathers vs. Noodles & Company

Another National Chain battle

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So much going on here.
So much going on here.
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The third battle of the day in the CN Food Bracket Tournament is one from the National Chain bracket. This is the 7/10 matchup.


One location in Lincoln. Used to be many.

The Lincoln location has a Yelp rating of 1 star out of 5.

A Yelp review:

I used the online system to order our dinner from the Godfather's Pizza on 48th and Hwy 2 in Lincoln, NE. I completed the order at 5:46, and immediately received notification that my order was accepted, my credit card payment was processed and approved, and I received a confirmation email that my order was estimated to arrive at 6:31 (a 45 minute wait).

At 6:51, 20 minutes past the estimated time, I called the store to check on the status of my order.

While sprinkling the conversation with several "oh my god"s and "holy crap!"s, the young woman who answered the phone ultimately told me that she couldn't find my order, but if it didn't show up in another 20 minutes we should call the store back and they'd figure something out.

Within five minutes of me hanging up the phone, the delivery driver zoomed up to our house, and delivered the pizza (the Godfather's is about a 5 minute drive from our house).

Upon opening the food (pizza, breadsticks and monkey bread) were all about as cold as you would expect them to be if they had been sitting out on a counter for half an hour, and the breadsticks looked as if they had been picked apart by another customer and thrown back in the box and tasted stale and old (like they had been cooked a while ago, reheated, and then cooled again in the wait for delivery).

Although Godfather's is our preferred pizza joint, We will never order from this Godfather's Pizza again, and since this is our local Godfather's, the likelihood of us ordering from Godfather's is greatly diminished.


Three locations in Lincoln.

The downtown Lincoln one has a Yelp rating of 3 stars out of 5.

A Yelp review:

Checked this place on Yelp and thought it sounded different.  Passing through Lincoln on our trip east.   The decor is urban chic but casual.  You order at a counter and they quickly bring your meal out to your table.  All types of noodle dishes and combinations.  Reasonably priced and food is served hot and is quite tasty.   A different concept of almost fast food.  Not gourmet, but filling comfort food.   Would return.