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Big Red Cobcast: Charlie McBride Interview

We interviewed Coach McBride! Yippppeeee!

Humblebrag in 3, 2, 1...

The coolest person I've ever had a beer with was Charlie McBride. Actually, we had way too many beers together and by we I mean me. I could listen to his stories for days. He's an honest man but also, oddly, vulnerable and genuine. He can go from talking about wrestling with coach Tenopir to talking about telling Kenny Walker he was an All-American without missing a beat. Luckily because of the the bonding he comes on our podcast every once in awhile and shares his stories. Some I've heard before, most I haven't.

In this episode, Charlie shares his feelings about Coach Riley and also Coach Banker. He also talks candidly about Bo Pelini and what he saw happening to the blackshirt program versus where he thinks it will be under Riley and Banker. Coach McBride has spent a lot of time chatting with these too and has been welcomed into the fold with open arms.

Some of my favorite stuff is the "good ol' days" stories or at times the "not as good ol' days" stories. Charlie reminisces with us about Bob Devaney, Dr. Tom, Kenny Walker, the fans, the black shirt practices. He also told us why he likes Bill Callahan and what he thinks was his biggest obstacle at Nebraska. However, the most intriguing stuff to me was what he says about Lawrence Phillips.

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