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Observations From Nebraska's Satellite Camp Thursday Night In Dallas

The Huskers staff was in Highland Park to help out Houston Baptist Thursday. Here's what we observed.

Nebraska HC Mike Riley on Thursday
Nebraska HC Mike Riley on Thursday
Brian Towle

Thursday afternoon, I head over to Highland Park from my home in Grand Prairie to check out Houston Baptist hosting a Football Camp at Highland Park HS. Obviously, you know I was there because the Nebraska Cornhuskers staff was there to guest with HBU.

These are some notes that I made throughout the evening.

- The first thing you notice is that, like many people have said time and time again throughout many avenues, Mike Riley is really a kind, approachable person. He seemed to talk to a lot of folks throughout the late afternoon before the camp started (including me), and it isn't difficult at all to connect with the man.

- While Riley is the soft person talking through the whole camp, don't discount the fact that a lot of the assistant coaches and such do make noise. Wideouts coach Keith Wiliams is the real deal. With the video the AD put out during Spring ball and how he interacted with the Nebraska players, he also interacted with campers throughout the evening.

- Linebackers coach Trent Bray shows the same amount of passion in showing kids how to do things the right way as much as Williams does, and one has to think that if he can help HS kids that he's never met before feel better about themselves, what will he do to a Linebacking group that needs the help.

- Not every Nebraska coach was that hyped up as Bray and Wiliams. QB coach/OC Danny Langsdorf was more observant throughout the camp, talking to QB's as they finished their reps and observing things like shuttle drills and such. DC Mark Banker did the same thing, walking from Defensive station to station.

Coaches at HP

- A big time tip of the had to Jeff Love, WR's coach at Houston Baptist, who organized the camp. Numerous times I heard from Riley, Ryan Gunderson and Todd McShane of Nebraska's support staff in how well things ran. We were out in the Football stadium till lightning was seen south of the area, and they got everyone and everything into the Highland Park indoor facility quickly and only lost about 5 minutes.

- You can also tell how much Houston Baptist HC Vic Shealy loved the thought of he & his staff sponging off as much as they can get. It was not only beneficial for the kids who visited, but also the coaches from HBU.

- What really, really impressed me about how this camp ran was that, in each coach from both Nebraska and HBU, there was a genuine, real want to show how each player could be a better player. The coaches were firm but never, ever tore down as far as I saw. It didn't matter if it was a Freshman or Senior, a kid who may get Power 5 offers or be in an FCS school, it simply didn't matter. Read, Williams, Banker, Hank Hughes, Reggie Davis and Mike Riley built kids up.

- Outside of Nebraska commit Terry Wilson (who I'll cover here Saturday and what we saw), there were only really a few kids that stood out. One that stood out to me was Derrick Mayweather, a Linebacker from Ft. Worth Chisholm Trail HS. There may be other offers down the way, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a roster of who was specifically there. One of the more interesting visitors at the camp (to me at least) was Creighton Sanders, a Safety from Wichita Heights HS in Kansas. A kid who drove almost 6 hours in the opposite direction of the school to get to camp will get a staff to notice if he blows up. Then again.... a kid named Creighton playing Nebraska Football? That would be so.. well, you figure it out.

As stated above, I'll have more on Wilson this weekend, as well as a gallery of the (good) pics I got. As you read this, Riley & company are flying into California to hit the Santa Monica area for their last camp. All in all, it will be a pretty good week even with a washout in Houston for Nebraska Football's future.