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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Football International - Where?

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Barry Cronin/Getty Images

So Flakes is late today.... what about it?

Today we ask the question... way at the bottom. Where internationally would you like to see Nebraska football play if you had the chance?

Husker newcomers get their numbers
Nebraska’s newcomers have numbers. The official football roster has been updated with freshmen numbers, which can be found.....

2015 Big Ten West over/under totals: Can Wisconsin win 11 games? -

Breaking down the over/under win totals for the Big Ten West, and trying to figure out the best picks to make for each team.

Tom Fornelli thinks Nebraska is around 8 wins this season. I haven't given much thought to it yet. Maybe... July. Right now, I'm still living off that 7-1 conference record and Big Ten title game appearance Phil Steele is talking about.

Why the early signing period is a bad idea that should be ditched | FOX Sports
College football recruiting already has enough problems.

Demanding Bill Callahan focused on reshaping Redskins' offensive line - Washington Times

Callahan, hired by the Redskins this offseason after overseeing the Cowboys' league-best running game, is motivated to produce the team's next great offensive line.

At least Bill Callahan figured out where he could make the most impact on a coaching staff. Nothing wrong with that.

Texas officials approve beer and wine sales at football games - Burnt Orange Nation

During our extensive pilot, we found fans and staff handled the situation responsibly and we had no negative issues or situations. We will continue to monitor the service closely. "We are expanding what we already do, in an effort to be more inclusive of all fans. Texas Athletics and Sodexo have vended these beverages in football private suites and club areas for several years without incident," Patterson added.


Sally Lehr, one of 158 members of Texas’ class of 1964 back on campus for their 50th reunion last September, asked athletic director Steve Patterson why he wanted to charge them $25 per person to go stand on the football field at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Long read, but a pretty damning look at Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson, who appears to be a cheap, lying bastard. Some of the changes implemented take cheapness to an extreme, and it's made even more bizarre by the realization that the Texas Athletic Department has more money than anyone else.

Firing long term employees, requiring that an external vendor fire their employees, a "global marketing initiative"... what the hell's going on down there?

Then there's the name. Steve P....son.

Kind of weird, huh?

Wednesday Poll Question: To Australia or Not to Australia - Our Daily Bears

With rumors now swirling rampantly that Baylor is trying to put together a 2016 football game in Australia against an as-yet undetermined Pac 12 foe, it's time to take the pulse of Baylor Nation on the subject.

According to the Chip Brown article above, Texas is looking at Mexico and Dubai, and Baylor is looking at Australia? Texas will be playing a basketball game in Shanghai, China.

These sound... really, actually, kind of dumb. You're not going to recruit football players at any of these places (gimme a break on Australian rules football or rugby punters). You're just going to, what, sell more apparel?

For Baylor it provides a chance to potentially upgrade their non-conference schedule, which they surely need to do.

Maybe it's not so dumb. Maybe it'd be a good idea. Maybe it'd be a way to open Nebraska up to new markets. China, UAE, Mexico... I don't know about those.  China, good way to give your student athletes a respiratory illness. UAE - there's the slave labor association, and Mexico, well, rampant corruption and drug cartels committing murder all over the place.

Notre Dame had a natural fit with Ireland a few years ago.

Maybe Europe would be the best choice for Nebraska. Lots of German heritage around.

Your thoughts on the matter, CN community?