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Big Red Cobcast: Spoiler Alert!

The cobcast is gonna tell you the end of Game of Thrones and there's nothing you can do about it!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Winter is coming.

In Nebraska, however, thats a good thing because then we are that much closer to watching the Huskers win another Natty Champ (New slang I made up. It means National Championship. Tell your friends.) See, we're just like George R. R. Martin in the sense that we are about to do something you never saw coming: We're gonna make Jim Harbaugh walk naked through downtown Lincoln while we throw Runza's at him and call him a whore, we're gonna get a bunch of buckeye fans to stab Urban Meyer, we're gonna make Lil' Red the Mayor of Lincoln while Chris Beutler is galavanting around on an injured dragon. All while there are a bunch of ice zombies coming back to life as there weird frozen corporal is all "Come at me bro".

But what will happen to coach Riley? CLIFF HANGER! Gonna have to wait until September to find out.

I hate waiting. I wish there was a book version of next season so a bunch of nerds could read it and then tell me how it goes on facebook.

In this episode we talk about why the players left, recruiting and Russia. We crammed a lot into this episode guys.

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