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CN Food Bracket: National Chain First Round Results

Who moves on from the quarter of the bracket dedicated to stuff everyone in America can get?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Like the thread earlier today showing the Lincoln winners, we've gotten through exactly half of the Corn Nation Food Bracket Tournament First Round.

How did the National Chain side of everything come out? Here are the results. As we did before, we're going by total votes, with percentage of votes in parentheses.

CULVERS VS. CHIPOTLE: Culvers wins 423-196 (68/32)

- So, what's the bigger shock here? The fact that the hottest chain in American went down? Or that it went down with a big wimper here?

FAMOUS DAVE'S VS. RAISING CANES CHICKEN: Raising Canes wins 170-83 (67/33)

- Not surprised here. Famous Dave's more of a regional thing, Canes does chicken pretty well.

GODFATHERS VS. NOODLES & CO.: Godfathers wins 138-103 (57/43)

- This one does surprise me. With the way Godfathers has disappeared from the Lincoln area, it's a shock. Plus, not like Noodles is a bad place, more scarce though.

BUFFALO WILD WINGS VS. JIMMY JOHNS: Buffalo Wild Wings wins 102-96 (52/48)

- Pretty close here. Folks weren't upset with BWW as much as they seemed to be with inconsistency with Jimmy John's.

VILLAGE INN VS. PANDA EXPRESS: Village Inn wins 81-47 (63/37)

- Kind of an upset, I think. Panda does good food here, but VI serves that great breakfast that people seem to love.

RUNZA VS. FIVE GUYS BURGERS: Runza wins 611-94 (87/13)

- I thought this would be more of a fight from Five Guys. But Runza took them to the Chris Fowler woodshed. Ziggy may not recover from this one, you guys.

VALENTINOS VS. DAIRY QUEEN: Valentino's wins 150-36 (81/19)

- This... .this was over when the post went up. Lordy.

TACO JOHNS VS. CHICK FIL A: Chick Fil A wins 143-130 (52/48)

- Interesting that a eatery not open in Lincoln yet wins over a established franchise. People didn't deter the fact that CFA gives away Sundays.

Your Second Round match ups are:

Valentino's vs. Chick Fil A
Godfathers vs. Runza
Raising Canes vs. Culvers
Village Inn vs. Buffalo Wild Wings

I see one massive head to head in the 2nd round. Then again, I thought there were a few big hitters in the first.

What are your #hot #takes on the next round? Comments below!!