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CN Food Bracket: Lincoln Bracket 1st Round Winners

Who moves on and who goes home? Let us see what the numbers say.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

We have completed exactly half of the First Round of the Corn Nation Food Bracket Tournament.

This post is a listing of the winners of First Round match-ups from the Lincoln side of the bracket. Later today, we'll post winners of the first round of the National Chain bracket.

I'll have the total vote of the match-up, along with the percentages listed in parentheses.


D'LEON'S VS 9 SOUTH CHARGRILL: 9 South wins 536-517 (51/49)

- A interesting comeback for 9 South. They were down big time, but a strong push at the end gave them the victory.

LEADBELLY VS. BREWSKY'S: Brewsky's wins 941-648 (58/42)

- This was interesting to me. People up and down swore to me that Leadbelly was good enough to win the Lincoln bracket itself, but the First Round doomed them. Both eateries had a big time push on social media, so it was odd to see both sets of fans coming out to play on this.

MISTY'S VS. BLUE ORCHID: Blue Orchid wins 118-103 (53/47)

- Salt promised a piece on bacon if Misty's went down. 800 words minimum I say.

HONEST ABE'S VS. GREEN GATEAU: Honest Abe's wins 101-27 (79/21)

- A good brunch setup doesn't matter when you may have the best burger in the entire city.

PHAT JACK'S BBQ VS. HEIDELBERG'S: Phat Jack's wins 83-6 (93/7)

- I honestly thought this would be a shutout for a while.

THE WATERING HOLE VS. ISLES PUB & PIZZA: The Watering Hole wins 46-35 (57/43)

- The most overrated best wings in Lincoln moves on.

LAZLO'S VS. DAVINCI'S: Lazlo's wins 63-28 (69/31)

- I am kind of surprised that this one didn't have more votes overall. People do love Emperyean Ales over a good cheese steak I guess.

COOK'S CAFE VS. THE OVEN: The Oven wins 38-33 (54/46)

- This was a bigger shock to me than D'leon's. All I saw was how people swear by the breakfast of Cook's and they thought it would carry them. Evidently, that wasn't the case.

So, here are your second round matchups:

Watering Hole vs. Blue Orchid
Brewsky's vs. The Oven
Phat Jack's BBQ vs. Honest Abe's
Lazlo's vs. 9 South Chargrill

Lets here your thoughts about the second round match-ups in the comments below.