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Recruiting: Who Is Visiting For Big Red Weekend #2?

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The Second weekend of the Huskers staff hosting potential and current verbals is upon us.

Lincoln Christian's Jared Bubak
Lincoln Christian's Jared Bubak
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Even thought there were no commitments last weekend during the first Big Red Weekend, the Nebraska Cornhuskers staff made some significant progress with several prospects. That should be the case and even more so for the second Big Red Weekend, where Nebraska will be hosting both verbal commitments and a few kids they have their eye on.

As always, remember that this is a fluid list & prospects are going to both be coming and going from this list as updates are passed on.

2016 visitors:

Quayshon Alexander - WDE, New Jersey

If there was a solid, big time this is going to happen verbal in the whole group, Alexander is on the top of this list. Quayshon has liked what he's seen from the Huskers, and it's not too out of line to think that, knowing that Nebraska could run out of spots for Linebacker if he waits too much longer, he pulls the trigger this weekend.

Jack Stoll - Tight End, Colorado

Texas and Nebraska are the 2 finalists it looks like for Stoll, who wouldn't be a bad addition. If it's true that Jared Bubak has thought about decomitting and heading to Arizona State (as some writers have SWORN by), would a commitment by Stoll ease the thought of Bubak leaving his hometown school?

Austin Pope - Tight End, Tennessee

Nebraska is working hard to keep Pope interested, but at the same time, with Bubak committed and Stoll close to being, Pope may see the writing on the wall and head off to Tennessee. It is a victory after Austin visited Knoxville last week and didn't commit, but it'll probably be just a matter of time before he becomes a Vol. Win some, lose some.

Terry Wilson - QB, Oklahoma

Bryan Brokop - Tackle, Illinois

Jared Bubak - TE, Nebraska

A note on Bubak: A few folks have been whispering that Jared is slowing becoming enamored with Arizona State, up to the point some are saying he's a silent commit to the Sun Devils. I don't buy it if he's visiting Nebraska this weekend, but it's something to watch if Jack Stoll commits. Two TE's mean something like LB's or DB's getting smaller in the number for the cycle. I doubt Bubak goes, but keep it in the back of your mind the rest of this summer and fall.


- One name that we thought all last week would be coming was Matt Farniok, the South Dakota Offensive Lineman who spurned the first BRW for a good reason (the Rivals 5 star challenge in Baltimore). To be fair, there's nothing much that has been said or written by ANYONE since last week when Farniok received a Wisconsin offer.

We're on commitment watch this weekend, and if anyone pulls the trigger, we'll be there to tell you about him.