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Football: David Santos, Jariah Tolbert, Leroy Alexander Not Returning To Nebraska

Three players will not be returning to Nebraska this fall.

Best of luck to the three gentlemen.
Best of luck to the three gentlemen.
David McGee

This morning brings a roster update as the Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic department released a statement from head coach Mike Riley:

Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley announced Thursday that safety LeRoy Alexander and receiver Jariah Tolbert plan to continue their college careers at different institutions.
In addition, Riley announced that linebacker David Santos will not be with the Nebraska football team in the fall.

The release of David Santos is the biggest surprise of all three here. Santos was projected to be the starting Weakside Linebacker, and being a Senior, means he will probably have to transfer to a lower school. Being from the Houston area, there are a few choices. However, a starter leaving the program in such a abrupt statement in a position that is hurting the Huskers right now is disconcerting to say the least.

LeRoy Alexander is another potential starter at Safety, but his dismissal was probably less of a surprise. Alexander was suspended by then HC Bo Pelini for the entire 2014 campaign. With such a wide open competition, however, it could be where LeRoy's situation that got him suspended in the first place just didn't clean up.

The dismissal of Jariah Tolbert is probably the least surprising thing of the release. Two times in the last 12 months, Tolbert had been nailed for having marijuana in his possession. That does stink, because Tolbert was one of the bright spots during the Nebraska Spring Game a couple months ago.

This brings the Nebraska Scholarship count to 85, which is the maximum you're allowed by the NCAA. If you're looking for a landing spot for at least Alexander, Damon Benning brings up the obvious point.