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Flakes: MLB Draft, Nebrasketball, Fixing College Sports & the Good Life

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Flakes is keeping an eye on the major league baseball draft. We are also kicking back with a Nebraska brew and perusing all things Husker. It does not get much better than this.

Jill Heemstra

Thanks to Ty's review of Zip Line Brewing, I noticed some in a store and decided to sample it. Mmmmmm, copper alt. Your daily Flakes is being produced while sitting by a fire, with said beer, on a rare windless night in northeast Nebraska. The flood waters have receded, it is a beautiful sunset and we have all necessary s'more supplies. To top it off, there are five adorable kittens playing with bugs on the driveway.

Don't you wish you were me?

OK, moving on to your daily dose of Husker and general sports of the big items today is the major league baseball draft. The first 10 rounds are complete. Only 30 more rounds to go. Which Husker was the first to be drafted? I was surprised....but I probably should not have been. (Of course, I will make you scroll all the way to the bottom of the list for that gem!)

With college sports at crossroads, unspoken problem facing NCAA is race |
With the NCAA inundated with lawsuits and public opinion at an alltime low, an unspoken problem facing college sports is race.

This article, for me anyway, is equally pointed and vague at the same time. It skips through a lot of steps and assumes you agree with the baseline purpose of the article - that college sports [i.e. revenue-generating sports] is broken. We all [mostly] know that but still want to watch our favorite teams without the moral burdens this article outlines. What do you think? What is the appropriate compensation for college athletes (especially football and basketball players) without completely shedding the academic aspects of this money-printing machine known as NCAA football and basketball? Can amateurism and the College Football Playoff co-exist peacefully?

Nebraska Basketball: Five Reasons Why The Cornhuskers Can Win Their First-Ever NCAA Tournament Game - BT Powerhouse
Nebraska basketball mightily underachieved last season, but this does not mean that the Huskers will not rebound during the 2015-2106 season. Here are five reason why the Cornhuskers could win their first-ever NCAA tournament game next season.

Track and Field proves that it is really NOT the offseason

NCAA approves men's college basketball rule changes - On the Banks
Basketball rule changes are a positive for Rutgers style of play.

a;lsdfkja;sdlfj;sdlfjw gtiwhu; SDOIhvqaeTFG - Sorry, one of the adorable kittens just walked on my keyboard...

The comedian takes a dim view of Kirk Ferentz's salary at a recent Riverside appearance.

Hahahahaha! After all, we all know that Bo Pelini really lost his job because Nebraska was playing uncomfortably close to teams like Iowa (Melvin Gordon has nothing to do with it - really). If we cannot laugh at Iowa - we should turn in our Husker fan cards NOW.

An Illinois perspective about Tim Beckman and his assistants - Off Tackle Empire
I-L-L-matic delivers an Illinois perspective for OTE with LPW finding out how good these guys are at Twitter.

Former Soccer Player Sues Illinois, Saying Concussion Was Mishandled -
Casey Conine, who seeks damages of at least $50,000, said the University of Illinois ignored its own protocol after she sustained a concussion in October.

Husker Catcher Lubach Drafted In 9th Round By Angels
Husker catcher Tanner Lubach was picked in the 9th round of the MLB Draft by the Angels on Tuesday.

Most of the (admittedly limited) projections I saw did not mention much about Tanner's MLB prospects. The focus was squarely on the pitchers. Now, Lubach is going to join Coach Erstad's former team. The catcher was named 2nd team All-B1G this year and will be sorely missed next season. We will keep you updated as other Huskers' names are called.

Good luck Tanner! (I also think the below tweet bodes pretty well for Lubach's future...)