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CN Food Bracket 1st Round Matchup: Culvers vs. Chipotle

Time to vote

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Pouring one out.
Pouring one out.
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We head next to the National Chain part of the CN Food Tournament Bracket for the 3/14 seeds matchup.

Remember, as earlier today, you'll have 24 hours to vote.


Two locations in Lincoln.

In Lincoln, Culvers has a 3.5 star out of 5 rating.

A Yelp review:

I live very near to this Culver's location and have been many times.  Recently, we have started avoiding it because the burgers, while very tasty are also very greasy.  It seems like everything here, (except for the custard) oozes with grease.   The butter burger patties are very thin, so you may want to get a double if you go.

The custard is pretty good, and probably second only to "scoop" ice-cream.  Much better than a DQ.

So come on down for a grease fest, and have enough left over for your own slip and slide.  Good burger, great custard.

Oh, as a final thought.  I love that this Culver's hires "special needs" folks.  It is a wonderful thing that they do for the community.   Kudos for that.


Three locations in Lincoln.

In Lincoln, Chipotle has a 4.5 star out of 5 rating.

A Yelp review:

Fresh and tasty food but long lines.  :( The food is excellent and 5 stars for what it is.  Make your own burritos.  The guac is fresh and the beef and chicken is cooked well.  Plenty of choices for toppings.  My only issue and this issue seems to happen the last 5 or more times I have been here is the lines.  For lunch or dinner the line is out the door and it can take as much as 15-20 min to get to order your food.  With other faster options around skip this if you are in a hurry or visit between 2-4pm.  I guess it's a good thing they are busy as they won't be going out of business anytime soon.